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Jane Singer

Voiceover Artist 
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Formerly the Voice of Brita® Water 

Mass Effect:Commander Hannah Shepard and Helena Blake

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My Work

Who Is

Jane Singer?

Smooth, silky, sophisticated; real, corporate to quirky, to New Yawky; sexy to silly, witchy. An improv if you like, and, sure, a tune or two. Accents and dialects: from fortunetellers to grand dames, grannies to mountain folk; Yiddishe mamas, aristocrats. In short, a vocal kaleidoscope.


And by the way, I’m also an audiobook narrator, monologist, tale spinner, a Civil War researcher and author with five published books I couldn’t be prouder of as I write about and inhabit a long-ago world that has resonance in our own time. It helps that I have been a stage actor bringing that skill to all my voiceover work. 


Booking me to uniquely bring your product to life will be a fusion of talent, much experience and skill. 


Another vocation that is my great and lasting pride is teaching self-defense to a wide spectrum of challenged young people and adults whose lives and ongoing perils are of great importance to me. As former Jujitsu competitors, my daughter Jessica and I team teach in our program called Blocking the Punches. We are committed to helping our students … always.



My Mission

To create through my voice.


To give voice to power.


To summon and embody that power with all I physically possess to help others.

To forever LEARN and grow that power.

That is my mission, a life mission, a soul mission, the sum of me.

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Jane Singer | Voiceover  Artist

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